Cutting-edge research

Researchers are a lifeline for growers, and universities are making big investments to provide vital CEA information.

With the burgeoning CEA market showing no sign of waning, universities are investing major capital into research for this vital market, from plant health and energy efficiency to production BMPs and new crops. The amount of research is exhilarating, and we owe so much to these university leaders for their dedication and willingness to share.

In our cover story, editors Chris Manning and Chris Markham spoke to researchers about their current and future projects. There is so much growth potential in this market and I am thrilled to have a front-row seat. We are grateful to Michael Evans at Virginia Tech, Ryan Dickson at the University of Arkansas, Marc van Iersel at the University of Georgia and Chieri Kubota at Ohio State University for sharing their experiences and excitement with us.

Are you following all the active research across North America? Perhaps you’re partnering with a local university researcher. Drop me a note and tell me what research intrigues you the most and what research you’d like to see.

Speaking of investments, we caught up with Local Bounti president Brian Cook (they just secured another $23+ million in a private investment in public equity, or PIPE, deal) who talks about two new salad kits that came out of their targeted R&D division (flip to page 34).

This issue also features information on leafy greens, a reliable staple, but one with plenty of opportunities remaining to make it a profitable crop. Don’t let disease steal your leafy green profits (visit page 18).

Let’s go into 2023 with gusto and make CEA crops the most profitable, in-demand products in the sector. Until next time, I wish you an enjoyable holiday season and much success in the new year.

Kelli Rodda, editorial director |
December 2022
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