Lauded leafy greens

From lettuce to Swiss chard, these All-America Selections winners could enhance your assortment of leafy greens.

Lettuce Bauer

Oakleaf lettuce is a delicious and versatile edible. Harvest at the baby leaf stage or grow into the rosette-shaped full-sized head. The dense heads produce a plethora of sweet, crisp sturdy leaves. 

Foliage color: Unique medium green
Plant habit: Compact
Plant height: 4 inches
Fruit color (Harvest): Medium green
Fruit shape: Lobed leaves
Fruit size: 8 inches
Fruit flavor description: Nice flavor with thick, crunchy leaf texture
Number of fruits per plant: 1
Breeder: Vitalis Organic Seeds

Kale Prizm F1

Prizm produces attractive short, tight ruffle-edged leaves and their easy-to-maintain, almost stemless stalks are quick to re-leaf. The excellent tasting, almost nutty-flavored leaves are tender enough to enjoy in fresh salads but also hold up well when cooked. 

Foliage color: Green
Plant habit: Upright
Plant height: 15 inches
Fruit color (Harvest): Bright medium green leaves
Fruit shape: Curly leaves
Fruit flavor description: Great taste, maintained over multiple harvests
Number of fruits per plant: Multiple harvests
Breeder: Syngenta Vegetable Seeds

Pak Choi Asian Delight F1

Asian Delight F1 Pak Choi (or Bok Choy) is a Chinese cabbage that forms small to mid-size (5-7 inch) heads that have a tasty, tender white rib and dark green, textured leaves. 

Foliage color: Dark green
Plant habit: Compact, upright
Plant height: 5-7 inches
Fruit color (Harvest): Dark green leaves contrasting with white stems
Fruit shape: Vase
Fruit size: 5-7 inches
Fruit weight: 6-10 ounces
Fruit flavor description: Mild flavor with tender, succulent stems
Number of fruits per plant: 1
Breeder: Seed Solutions of America LLC

Pak Choi Bopak F1

In the history of AAS, Bopak F1 was the first Pak Choi to become an AAS Winner. The tender leaves and crisp sweet stalks are a tasty addition to Oriental recipes or eaten raw. Swap stalks for celery sticks, add to soups and stews, or grill on the barbecue.

Foliage color: Dark green
Plant habit: Compact, upright
Plant height: 14 inches
Fruit color (Harvest):  Dark green leaves with white petioles
Fruit shape: Upright heads have white stalks and outward flaring dark green leaves
Fruit size: 8 inches high, 4 inches wide at base
Fruit weight: 1.5 to 2 pounds
Fruit flavor description: Tender leaves and crisp sweet stalks with a flavor between cabbage and chard.
Number of fruits per plant: 1
Breeder: Bejo Seeds Inc.

Swiss Chard Bright Lights

Improved for colors, stems can be yellow, gold, orange, pink, violet or striped in addition to red or white. Easy to grow from seed. Harvest in 4-5 weeks. For use as a garnish, in salads and in many tasty recipes, Bright Lights has great taste.

Foliage color: Green
Plant height: 20 inches
Fruit color (Harvest): Stems include yellow, gold, orange, red, pink, violet, white, green and striped.
Fruit flavor description: Tender and mild flavor
Breeder: Johnny’s Selected Seeds

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