Bowery Farming debuts new lettuce variety

Crispy Leaf Lettuce is the company's take on iceberg lettuce.

Bowery Farming's Crispy Leaf Lettuce in a 4.5 oz package
Photo courtesy of Bowery Farming

Bowery Farming, per a press release, announced its newest leafy greens launch, Bowery Crispy Leaf Lettuce (Crispy Leaf). A reinvigorated version of iceberg lettuce that is refreshing and simple, Crispy Leaf boasts a bold color and satisfying crunch. The much-anticipated product, which goes from harvest to shelf in just a few days, will be available in the produce aisle at over 250 grocery stores and specialty markets in the Tri-State area and Mid-Atlantic region beginning in June 2020. Crispy Leaf will also be available through Bowery’s online partners, including Amazon Fresh, Peapod and Hungryroot.

"With unparalleled flavor and crunch in every bite, we're confident that Crispy Leaf has the potential to disrupt the traditional iceberg market," said Carmela Cugini, EVP of Sales, Bowery Farming. “Crispy Leaf is one of the most in-demand leafy greens from Bowery based on current retailer orders. We've had to ramp up production to meet retail demand,” continued Cugini. “Early feedback from buyers indicates Crispy Leaf is poised to change the way consumers interact with lettuce by introducing a completely new sensory experience to the category."

Crispy Leaf is grown locally at Bowery’s commercial farms in Kearny, New Jersey, and White Marsh, Maryland, and has zero pesticides. The mild and versatile green is the ideal base for salads and grain bowls and serves well as a culinary garnish. The suggested retail price is $3.99 for each 4.5 oz package.


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